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Tom Waits - "Downtown Train"

WRITERS ROUND:<br>Tom Waits - "Downtown Train"

Tom Waits would never be described as a particularly commercial artist. Depending on if you ask someone like my mother about albums like Mule Variations or Bone Machine, he could also be described as incoherent, cacophonous, or The-Reason-Why-We-Ask-You-To-Keep-Your-Door-Closed-Upstairs.

WRITERS ROUND: Bruce Springsteen - "Fire"

WRITERS ROUND: Bruce Springsteen - "Fire"

Bruce Springsteen’s songwriting vault is something that I’d like to break into like I was in Oceans 11I’d likely use an elaborate machine to simulate an earthquake in Colt’s Neck, New Jersey, dodge the incoming stampede of prized show horses, and then make off with an armful of notebooks, studio tapes, and Sony MiniDiscs.