RUNOUT RADIO: June 25, 2016

RUNOUT RADIO: June 25, 2016

We were lucky enough to sub for the X-Factor again and have another sweet, sweet two hour time block for Runout Numbers this week. We used this opportunity to bring you a two-for-one: two hours full of songs titled with just one word. Succinct, yet supersized.

Something exciting this week: we were able to record the show and found a way to get it to you all! ENJOY!! 

These recordings teach us important things to make our show even better, like don't sit on the creaky chair while you're talking.


1. "Hangin'," Chic
2. "Hateful," The Clash
3. "Frustrated," The Knack
4. "Substitute," The Who
5. "Help!," The Beatles
6. "A-Punk," Vampire Weekend
7. "Kodachrome," Paul Simon
8. "Roulette," Bruce Springsteen
9. "Shahdaroba," Roy Orbison
10. "Vegetables," The Beach Boys
11. "Rio," Duran Duran
12. "Avalanche," Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
13. "Galveston," Glen Campbell
14. "Lodi," Creedence Clearwater Revival
15. "Vienna," Billy Joel
16. "Heaven," Talking Heads
17. "Debaser," Pixies
18. "Shattered," The Rolling Stones
19. "Crush," The Horrible Crowes
20. "Cherish," The Association
21. "Moondance," Van Morrison
22. "Fever," The Kingsmen
23. "Sitting," Cat Stevens
24. "Shout," Tears for Fears
25. "Antmusic," Adam & The Ants
26. "Changes," David Bowie
27. "Uptown," The Crystals
28. "Centerfold," The J. Geils Band
29. "War," Edwin Starr
30. "Friction," Television
31. "Unfair," Pavement
32. "Shotgun," Junior Walker & The All Stars

Thank you to everyone who listened, suggested songs, texted me during the show to say they liked it-- you all are the best. I can't believe Casey and I get to do this every week! It is so much fun for both of us and hope it's a little fun for you, too. I'm so grateful to WXNA for the opportunity. 

We are always brainstorming new themes. Themes that challenge us to be creative, get us digging in our collections, and leave you wondering what's coming next are our favorites, so if you've got a good suggestion, leave it in the comments below!