Runout Numbers was created as a space to celebrate the fact that popular music is an art form for all of us. We’re not here to be critics, and we’re not here to talk over you like critics might do. We’re here to revel in the impact of work that gives meaning and understanding to everyday people, the social and political power of that idea, and to put music we love into a larger context that underlines that impact.

Writing out of Nashville, Tennessee-- Music City, USA-- we also hope to share a bit of the local musical culture that we are lucky to be a part of here.

As two people brought together by a shared passion for music, Runout Numbers was born to be a vehicle to share that passion with anyone who has been empowered by music, enthralled by music, or ever had a favorite song they wanted everyone to hear. Fans are our people.

If you're interested in knowing more about us, the reasons we started this blog, and what drives our writing, check out this interview we did with Forward Beat.

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Runout numbers, or matrix numbers, are the tiny numbers found etched into the dead wax at the end of vinyl records. Their functional purpose is as an organizational tool for record manufacturers, but to us, paying attention to the runout numbers symbolizes learning every single detail. They let you know if what you have is a first or fifth pressing, or maybe it’s a promo copy from the Netherlands.


The weird kids at your high school. We started following each other’s Springsteen blogs on Tumblr back in 2010, five years and one long distance relationship later, we are together in Nashville with our cat, Rosalita.


Raised on a healthy diet of Devo, Blondie, and The Clash, my first experience with true fandom was when I wrote a letter to Weird Al Yankovic at the age of 10. After playing in bands, reading comics, and collecting records all over Arizona, I made the move to Nashville in 2012. I love contextualizing musical history and its seemingly minute details that have later grown to significance. I’m a Duran Duran apologist, Morrissey defender, and have slowly found all of the things I love about 70s-80s College Rock and Alternative music in Nashville’s Country scene. Laura will also tell you that she’s seen Springsteen more times than I have, but I don’t count Barack Obama’s Iowa campaign stops as seeing a Bruce show.

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Midwestern to the core, I was raised in metro Detroit before moving to Columbus, Ohio, and then spent four years on the western Illinois prairie, double majoring in American Studies and English Literature. I am fascinated by American culture: American values, myths, people and art. I am a fervent Sonny & Cher fan, love girl groups, Brill Building pop, Motown-- if it is any sort of 1960s pop, I’m your gal. I also went through a psychedelic music phase, but we don’t have to talk about that. Also, I would like to state that I have seen Springsteen live in concert more times than Casey and yes, it is a contest. I now work in Country music in Nashville, and after spending a year in Country music immersion school, I am in love and can’t get enough of it.

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